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Last Update: Fri Mar 20 04:47:12 -0700 2009


AutomateIt provides a way to preview commands without actually running them. Read the TUTORIAL.txt to learn the basic previewing concepts and commands.

WARNING: Previewing code can be dangerous!

AutomateIt only provides logic for previewing its own commands. Recipe authors are responsible for providing previewing logic for their own custom code.

Here‘s what not to do with previews:

  puts "Hello!"

The above puts method will execute in both preview and non-preview modes. To execute custom code only in a specific mode, wrap it with conditionals.

For example:

 if preview?
   puts "This is a preview"

 preview_for("PREVIEW: Will run custom commands") do
   puts "Custom commands"

When in preview mode, the above recipe will display:

 This is a preview
 => PREVIEW: Will run custom commands

When run normally without preview mode:

 Custom commands

Therefore, wrap all non-AutomateIt commands (e.g. system) that shouldn‘t be executed during the preview with conditionals.

WARNING: Changing directories during preview can be dangerous!

AutomateIt will only pretend to make directories in preview mode. In preview mode, it will also only pretend to change into non-existent directories when using commands like cd, mkdir and mktempdircd.

This can be disastrous if you‘re executing non-AutomateIt commands (e.g. system) that use relative paths and expect to be run inside the newly-created temporary directory because the chdir didn‘t actually happen.

For example:

  mkdir_p "/tmp/foo/bar" do
    system "echo 'I'm going to do: rm -rf *'"

If that directory didn‘t already exist, then running the above code in preview mode would cause the system command to actually run! If that wasn‘t an echo command, it would have deleted the contents of your current directory — not the /tmp/foo/bar directory — because that directory wasn‘t actually created due to the preview mode!

The correct way to write the above example is:

  mkdir_p "/tmp/foo/bar" do
    preview_for("PREVIEW: Deleting all files in directory /tmp/foo/bar") do
      system "echo 'I'm going to do: rm -rf *'"

The Interpreter#preview_for method provides conditional execution of blocks. When running in preview mode, it will display the supplied message and not execute the block containing the system command:

  => PREVIEW: Deleting all files in directory /tmp/foo/bar

When running without preview mode, the method will not display the message but will call block, generating the following output:

  ** echo 'I'm going to do: rm -rf *'"
  I'm going to do: rm -rf *


Keeping the preview issues in mind and wrapping custom code with conditionals will help you write code that can be safely previewed.