Path: lib/automateit/package_manager/cpan.rb
Last Update: Fri Mar 20 04:47:12 -0700 2009


A PackageManager driver for Perl CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) software packages.

No automatic dependency installation

Unlike other AutomateIt PackageManager drivers, the CPAN driver will not install a package‘s dependencies automatically. This protects you because many CPAN packages require a specific version of Perl, often one which you don‘t have installed, and installing that dependency will destroy your Perl interpreter and everything that depends on it. Therefore, you must specify all package dependencies manually. If a package dependency isn‘t found, the install will fail.

Specifying Perl interpreter

Use setup to specify the Perl interpreter to use for all subsequent calls.


  package_manager[:cpan].setup(:perl => "/usr/local/bin/perl")
  package_manager.install %w(File::Next App::Ack), :with => :cpan