Class AutomateIt::FieldManager
In: lib/automateit/field_manager.rb
Parent: AutomateIt::Plugin::Manager


The FieldManager provides a way of accessing a hash of constants. These are useful for storing configuration data seperately from recipes. # Fields are typically stored in a Project‘s config/fields.yml file.

Fields can also be queried from the Unix shell using aifield, run aifield —help for details.



Classes and Modules

Class AutomateIt::FieldManager::BaseDriver
Class AutomateIt::FieldManager::Struct
Class AutomateIt::FieldManager::YAML

Public Instance methods

Lookup a field.

For example, consider a field.yml that contains YAML like:

  foo: bar
    my_key: my_value

With the above file, we can query the fields like this:

  lookup(:foo) # => "bar"
  lookup("foo") # => "bar"
  lookup("my_app#my_key") # => "my_value"
  lookup("my_app#my_branch") # => "my_value"

You can get a reference to the entire hash:


If a field isn‘t found, a IndexError is raised.


# File lib/automateit/field_manager.rb, line 29
  def lookup(search=nil) dispatch(search) end